Farmer’s Market Date

July 4, 2017

Our favorite day-date is at the farmers market.

First, we wander around together checking out all the booths. I love the jewelry and the local fresh food!! Jack is obsessed with our dog and stops at every booth selling anything dog-related.

After we do a lap, we divide up and we are each responsible for buying one or two things ready-to-eat for lunch and a gift for each other.

Then we meet back up and find a cool spot nearby to have a picnic. We eat different things every time and sometimes what we buy doesn’t exactly go together but that’s ok, it’s fun to be surprised and to try new things.

The best is at the end of our date we exchange the gifts we bought for each other. It’s usually just small gifts (and sometimes it’s just a favorite snack or dessert) but it’s a fun surprise and it also feels good to support the local businesses.

Featured Couple: Lisa and Jack
Storyteller: Lisa
Days Together: 1232
(curated and edited by How We Last)

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