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We share real, raw and inspirational stories and advice from happy couples everywhere. If you have an inspiring story above love, relationship advice, a sex tip or you just want to share an amazing date night with us we want to hear from you – and you can submit anonymously!

While we are open to a variety of stories and advice, these are our broad categories:

  1. Fun date ideas.
  2. Inspirational stories about love and all the ways we express it. (From the little things to the grand gestures.)
  3. Relationship advice for life’s ups-and-downs. (From inspirational stories about how you handled your partner’s refusal to change the toilet paper roll to how you worked through major life and relationship challenges.)
  4. Tips and tricks for your best sex life.

To Submit a Story for a Chance to be Featured and Published:

Please send us an email at Connect@howwelastcom with “Story” in the subject line with the following information:

  • Your first name. (If you would like to submit anonymously just give a secret pen name.)
  • A  sentence or two about what you want to share. (If selected, we will contact you to get the full story and write it for you!)
  • (Optional) A photo.