Outnice each other

June 20, 2017

When my wife’s mother was ill she went to visit her in North Carolina leaving me at home with our two kids and three dogs. She was supposed to be gone 1 week and she ended up staying 6 weeks until her mom passed away. During that time I never complained. In fact, I encouraged her to stay. I didn’t want to burden her with anything at home because when you care about someone you want to make him/her life easier.

And she does the same for me. “When I want to go to a Bob Dilon concert, my wife just says ok have fun.”

The goal is to “outnice each other.” And not to yell at each other. I sometimes joke  with other guys that if you’re going to yell at your wife you might as well hit yourself in the groin because either way you’re not using it!

Featured Couple: Bob & Louise
Storyteller: Bob
Days Together: 13,505
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