Set a date with your mate.


In the Mood (ITM) was created by founder Trisha Stone. Trisha saw all of her single friends having fun on dating apps (and would sometimes even play around on their Tinder/Match accounts), and realized that couples needed a fun way to connect with one another too.
Now a wife and mother, Trisha had been through the different stages of relationships throughout her dating years: 
  • The honeymooners – “I’m ready anywhere, anytime, anyplace” couples. 
  • The daredevils – “I’ll meet you in the bathroom” couples.  
  • The parents – ”I just need to shower first” couples. 
  • The travelers – ”I just need a date to look forward to” couples.
She set out to create an app for couples that would not be another “shared calendar or to-do list” but one that would be fun, help you to connect, and MAKE IT HAPPEN.   
Trisha partnered with other like-minded people to build ITM so couples could have fun too!